New Platform Features

March 22, 2023

LinkedIn's brought a member update to Company Pages

LinkedIn has announced an update that lets Company Pages follow each other. Previously, only individual members could follow Company Pages.

Find brands to follow on Linkedin by heading to your Page, then click Following below the post composer.

The feature is available globally and is currently rolling out to all Pages.

How this helps build community on LinkedIn:

Following another Page means their posts show up in your Following feed. LinkedIn will also recommend Pages to foll…




March 22, 2023

Instagram's new ad option gets audiences tuned in to your upcoming events

Instagram has announced two new ad options: Reminder ads and ads in search results.

Reminder ads are in-feed ads that let users opt into alerts about specific events in the app.

Once opted in, users receive reminders as push notifications a day before, 15 minutes before, and as the event starts.

You can schedule Reminder ads up to three months ahead of…

The benefits for advertisers:

Reminder Ads build awareness, anticipation, and consideration for upcoming moments.

Consider them for your live shopping st…


New Platform Features

March 22, 2023

Brands can finally schedule LinkedIn posts

It’s official: Company Pages can finally pre-schedule their LinkedIn posts natively.

The feature was first spotted in testing in August last year, and reports stated in November that post scheduling was rolling out to creators.

Now Company Pages can schedule their posts and manage all scheduled content. To do so, click the clock icon when in the post compo…

How this helps brands on LinkedIn manage time effectively:

Not only does it help content planning, native content scheduling is free and quicker than using a…